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RAW Indian Temple hair is hair collected from the temple and collected by one donor. Wave patterns available in Straight, Wavy and Curly.

Raw Indian Temple Hair

  • Crowned by CJ & CO. Extensions provides all natural, unprocessed, grade 9A hair that has been sewn onto wefts with cuticles aligned. Hair can be colored and/or bleached, straightened and curled. Crowned by CJ & CO. Extensions will revert back to natural curl pattern when wet.No Split Ends, No Tangling and No Shedding.



    -It is important to treat and care for your extensions as real hair.

    -Wash hair with a mild paraben and sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate shampoos rip your hair of moisture, natural or sulfate and paraben free shampoos are more gentle on hair.

    -It's is important to condition hair after wash to maintain moisture and softness of hair. For best results rinse hair in cold water after conditioning.

    -If you color your extensions excessively remember just like real hair it is important to restore moisture to hair. Deep condition hair often after chemically processing your hair.

    -Air dry extensions if you can or blow dry on medium setting. 

    -When detangling hair start from ends of hair and work towards the root of the weft to reduce shedding and minimize breakage.

    -For curly curl patterns twist hair at night to maintain curl without frizz.

    -Light oils such as  Argon Oil or Moroccan oil are good for adding shine and locking in moisture of hair.

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